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August 1, 2011

New Album Coming!

Joe Armani at Edgewater Coffee in Denver

Playing to my newest fan in Edgewater!

I’m back in Denver and it feels so good! I just got back in Feb of this year after a few years of being away. I could’ve moved anywhere…I wanted to be back in Denver because I love it here so much for the lifestyle, mountains, weather, snowboarding, and so many other reasons!

I’ve got a new album in the works, hoping to get it finished by early spring 2012. It’s been great playing some gigs around town lately. I’ve been meeting some new people and musicians. It blows me away how many talented local musicians we have here. I’m really looking forward to getting this album done and getting on the road to promote it in 2012! The album is folk/folk rock based, and I think these are some of my best songs yet! People seem to be enjoying them so far. None of the recordings are online, but I’ve gotten some really positive feedback from playing a few of the new songs at my live shows!

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you’ll come see me perform live! Connect with me by joining my mailing list and becoming a facebook fan! Help me by recommending me to your friends! I also love to hear from you and get your feedback, so maybe I’ll talk to you soon!


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